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Borrower Portal (POS) and Loan Origination System (LOS) screen shots

The Lendgenuity Software is the complete origination software solution designed to support almost all required loan origination functions in multiple channels of business. The software shares one database across three core components: a consumer portal designed to empower borrowers with a high level of control throughout the origination process; a loan origination system based on sequential and dynamic task management enabling loan professionals to move through the loan pipeline efficiently, limiting costly mistakes; and a fully customizable rules-based decision engine which makes a light lift of credit risk management, interest rate risk management and best execution.

Why is the LendGenuity Software Unique?

• Eliminates the time and money a Lender would likely need to invest to construct a complete technology platform like the LendGenuity Solution. This is not a tool to create a solution; it is the solution.

• Eliminates the need for multiple technology vendors with separate and often unique data structures, making reporting difficult and often inaccurate.

• Three core components developed with the same code-DNA means data flows effortlessly making the origination process concise and highly predictable.

• Reduces Lender’s cost per loan (CPL) considerably as a result of automating almost all repeatable, mundane processes associated with loan manufacturing.

• When compared to the upfront and monthly expenses associated with supporting multiple vendors for multiple technology components, the LendGenuity Software is considerably less expensive.

Custom Configuration Made Easy

• LendGenuity Support makes custom configurations fast and easy.

• No network configurations – all components are 100% hosted, cloud-based solutions.

• Typical configuration for seller/servicers takes 4-6 weeks typically.

• Smaller, single-channel lenders are often configured in 2-3 weeks.

• LendGenuity database supports multiple iterations of Investor product rules, base pricing and loan-level rate and price adjusters which can be easily cloned and provided to Lenders.

• Graphical design team to support fully customizable HTML notification emails

• Over 75 established industry-standard reports for Agency and Regulatory reporting, as well as Pipeline Management, Interest Risk Management, TPO Report Cards, and Fulfillment Task Management. Additional reports are fully customizable and ordered on an as-needed basis.

• Creating your own custom products? No problem. Typically, the point of sale and loan origination system contain all required data points necessary to build all business rules. However, if additional data points are needed to support unique rules, we can build them for you.


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Three Core Components : Identical DNA

Each cloud-based solution developed for unique purpose within the same framework under one database

Borrower Portal

  • Fully automated origination solution
    for borrowers
  • Instant customized pricing &
    eligibility results
  • Borrowers pull credit, run AUS,
    & rate lock
  • Instant disclosure generation &
    e-signing / e-closing

Loan Origination System

  • Multi-channel, multi-company
    with permission-based functionality
  • Industry leading service
    providers fully integrated
  • Complete TPO counter-party
    management embedded
  • Reporting & document
    management embedded

Decision Engine

  • Customizable eligibility, pricing
    & stipulation rules
  • Customizable credit rules : credit
    XML decisioning
  • Instant loan level bulk
    pricing capable
  • Supports all products including

Integrated Services

Integrated Partner Fannie Mae
Integrated Partner Freddie Mac
Integrated Partner Mercury Network
Integrated Partner Equifax
Integrated Partner First American Title
Integrated Partner FormFree
Integrated Partner Docutech
Integrated Partner CoreLogic
Integrated Partner AMB
Integrated Partner MGIC
Integrated Partner radian

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